In this life we have many different experiences, some pleasurable and some miserable. In this interview, Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda explains that it is not by chance or accident that we have these experiences.

Question: Why is it that if the Original Cause loves all of us - His children -- we see so many disparities and disabilities?

Jagad Guru: This question which you are asking has also been asked by many millions of people. Unfortunately, however, people have failed to receive a satisfactory answer to this question. Many so-called teachers who do not actually have the answer attempt to reply: "We can't understand God's dealings. It's a test. It's God's will," and so on. Because they don't appreciate transmigration of the soul or the science of reincarnation and karma, then they cannot satisfactorily answer this question. In reality, the answer is quite simple.

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Karma Yoga The Path To Freedom was edited from a lecture given by Jagad Guru. In this article, Jagad Guru describes how a person can transcend the world of repeated birth, disease, old age and death and enter the realm of eternal spiritual life and eternal happiness.


We are spirit in essence. We are not the body. But we go from one body to the next suffering repeated birth, diseases, old age, and death experiencing reaction to our previous activity. "As you sow, so shall you reap." We experience in this life various things like good or bad health, wealth or poverty, according to our karma. Why is one person born in one family and another person born in another kind of family? It is due to the karmic reaction to previous activities.

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